Effective Ways To Make Your House Cockroach Free

Are you really fed up with cockroaches in your house? Well, you can get rid of cockroaches if you are determined and ready to follow the right methods. First and foremost, you will have to find the type of roaches infested your house. For instance, German roaches are one of the most common types. They love water. So, if you want to get rid of them, you have to make sure that you don’t have water sources in unwanted places. If you follow the right steps, you can get rid of them with a lot of ease. Let’s take a look at the ways to get rid of cockroaches in your home in a more effective manner.

Identify the problem areas

Yes, first and foremost, you will have to identify the problem areas. You need to search your house thoroughly, before you look for elimination methods. We would recommend you to use a flashlight to look into the spots where they have been hiding. You can look into areas like behind the refrigerator, under the sink etc. as these are the common infested areas in your house. You should special emphasis to the kitchen as they like to live in the kitchen. They like warm and dark spots in the house. So, you have to look into all the dark and warm spots in the house. When you find the problem areas, you will be able to get rid of them for good. It’s not about killing a few cockroaches. It’s about making sure that they don’t overpopulate in your house. If you want to find serious infections, you should try glue strips. You should place the strips in all these areas. Then you can monitor these areas for a couple of days. The area where you find most traffic is the area where you will find plenty of them. Then you have to follow the right steps to get rid of them. Those companies offer white ants control solutions will be able to help you with your cockroach problem as well.

Use caulk to close the gaps

We would recommend you to use traps as they are effective in luring and getting rid of cockroaches. However, this might not be enough to get rid of the cockroaches come to your house from outside every day. If you really want to control their population, then you have to block the entry points. You can get it achieved with caulk. With a closer inspection, you can find gaps between walls and tiles. You should also look for crevices and entry holes. All these areas need to be blocked. When it comes to the doors and windows, you should go for weather stripping. You will find cockroach bait systems, just like a termite bait system available in the market.

Use gel trap

You can also use gel bait which is regarded as very effective roach killers. You can find them in tube form in the market. You can use them in cracks, crevices etc.